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Hello again! If you are reading this your going to be taught the rulesss!!!


1: No griefing

If we catch you griefing auto-ban!

2: No Excessive Cussing

You may swear a little bit just don't go ********* UP THE *** YOU PIECE OF ****** ***** ****** ***** Suck it *****!!!!!!!!!!!!1!111!!!!! If we hear this you will be kicked or jailed!

3: No abusing anything

If you find something that can be abused please tele and mod or up if you see anything the may be abused to give an advantage to another player. If we catch you either kick or jail.

4: No fly mod

Admin's + get to use fly mod etc considering its there job to keep the server up in shape. You will get perma ban!

5: No building random crappy towns

If we find really shitty towns, (Eg. Dirt sheds) We will destroy it!

6: No mod's the give advantages

Do not use ANY mod that give an advantage over otther player's (Eg. Toomanyitems, Flymod, Speed hack) You will get perma banned.

7: Do not ask for a shorter term in jail we will make it longer if you do!

8: Have fun!